You're NOT meant to be dieting and worrying about your body... You're meant to be living. 


For 8+ years I tried to diet and control my body weight. And I tried it all. From an early weight watchers to clean eating to moon fasting(?). From strict calorie counting to loose "lifestyle habits" programs. The result? I was fatter & unhappier than before, obsessed about food and turned into a fulltime emotional eater and binge-eater. Did I not have discipline, was I bound to live this way? As a Msc. Psychologist, my mind was boggled. How could I fail at something I was trying sooo hard to succeed in, litterally with full force?  

When I stopped blaming & shaming myself and looked for a deeper understanding, I found the key that brought me back to sanity and health, which I offer today to women who are fed up with this endless struggle too. 


Society at large is dieting since the fifties, yet its weight is only going up. Science shows 95% of dieters return to their old weight or more after 3 years.... YET we keep on trying new kinds of diets. We have never ever known better how to eat healthy BUT, we're just not doing it... Food restriction works short-term, but evidently not long-term. Us humans simply just don't seem able to stick to it. So, what's the missing link? I believe it is to be found in : The Psychology of eating & body image.

Overeating is not about the food.

We think it is but ... Why does one eat more than one physically needs? At the core it is because one eats for non-physcial reasons: to numb emotions, to gain pleasure lacking in life, to please others instead of staying true to one's own body cues, etc, ...

The root cause of overeating is more about WHY we eat 

than it is about WHAT we eat... We keep trying to control food, restrict or exclude food groups, in the illusion that willpower will get us through. Reality shows, it doesn't. As long as the real root cause is not tackled, the behavior of overeating will return.

Restriction actually breeds more overeating

Unfortunately, in addition... harboring food rules works against us. It sets off psychological & physical mechanisms that push us to eat MORE in the end. Research has shown that binge-eating is a direct consequence of a diet mindset. Eradicating that mindset is step 1.

Physical addiction to food is a myth

The experience of addiction to food is real, but it is rooted in the emotional dynamics we have around it, not because some food is addictive in the same way drugs are. A lot of fear-mongering has happened based on exaggerations and faulty research interpretations.

We're designed to eat intuitively, not overthink eating

Intuitive eating is a scientifically proven framework to help people return to a natural instinctive way of eating, in response to our body's cues. Radical. As a result, today I can live with chocolate-icecream-pizza at home without overeating or obsessing. So can my clients.

Our body wants to be healthy

and is communicating with us all day. We simply have stopped hearing it because we are eating with our mind, wrapped up in control, fear and guilt. Letting go of the mind's rules, we can connect with the body again. Trust your body to show you the way. You are not an incontrollable food monster, it is your diet mindset that has produced that experience.

The 'ideal body' is a toxic myth

Every body has a different 'ideal weight'- one in which the body feels its best, and no effort is needed to maintain. A weight on which a person is physically and mentally healthy and has a LIFE. Women's body image today is thwarted by the toxic narrative and commercialising of the female body. And it is breeding toxic shame and self-worth issues in us.

We need a holistic aproach that takes the emotional dynamics, intuitive eating, & body image work together.

I want to help you free yourself and become more of who you really are. (without food thoughts, shame and low self worth defining the day)

Disclaimer:  this approach is not suitable for everyone at every stage. 
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"This was the best decision I've ever made and I only wish I had done it years ago. Working with Isabelle ... she's with you every step of the way and that kind of support is so rare to find. Her presence is powerful. " 

- Suzanne Klein , founder of 'The Forest Garden' & landscape designer

No online course or groups, I now exclusively work in a deep 1-1 capacity over online calls, occasional VIP days in person & customized retreats in Portugal.

Identifying the root cause for you

Overeating has an emotional root cause for most people. When we never address the root of a behavior, it will always come back. No matter the diets we slap on it. 

Developing an intuitive relationship with food & body

I work according to the official and proven scientifical framework "Intuitive Eating" from Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch. I trained with them. During sessions we will go through the steps and practical exercises to help you develop the skills of becoming an effortless, natural eater. No control, we'll practice intuititon & deep body attunement.  

Building Body Confidence & Radical Self-Love

Claiming your confidence & power in your right-now body is an essential part of your journey back to natural thriving.

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About Isabelle Ysebaert

Msc. Psychologist, Transformational Coach, Intuitive Eating certified Counselor & Breathwork Teacher

I've always had an interest in the human condition. Since my studies in psychology, my own struggle with food & low self-worth in my early twenties has made me a seeker. A seeker of what works, of the deeper answer, of what wellbeing & success really means and how to get to this elusive place of inner joy. I have outgrown my comfort zone over & over again into deeper states of joy, and I keep doing so.

Today I want to guide & nurture whoever feels ready for it, to a sustainable place of holistic wellbeing & natural success.


I'm Belgian (Kortrijk born), but am living & building a home with my Parisian partner in... Portugal. I believe in dreams, I believe in everyone's unlimited potential of creating a life on their own terms. When you speak with me, that is what I will mirror back to you:

 the authentic, powerful & limitless YOU.